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Thank you for shopping with us!

Q: Are the Fabrics you sell a limited supply?

A: Yes, we typically get around 20 -30 yards of each fabric.  Once its gone it is typically gone for good. 

Q: How often does your inventory change?

A: We typically get new inventory monthly.  If you join our group or like us on Facebook we let you know when we get new inventory in.

Q: What is the difference between Single Brushed Poly and Double Brushed Poly?

A: Single Brushed Poly is brushed on one side.  Double Brushed Poly is brushed on both. Single Brushed Poly is Soft on both sides however. 

Q: How long does shipping usually take?

A: We typically ship within one to two days.  However if you order on the weekend your order will not ship until the following Monday.  We are located in a small town and our post office is not open on the weekend. We always ship the cheapest and quickest way.  Most of our shipments are two day priority mail. 

Q: Do you sell in half yards, or quarters?

A: No, we only sell by the yard.

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